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Home Remedies for Dandruff

Home Remedies for Dandruff

1. Indian Lilac
The antifungal and antibacterial properties of Indian lilac, also known as neem, help treat dandruff as well as many other hair problems like scalp acne, itchy scalp, and hair fall efficiently.
1. Boil a handful of neem leaves in four cups of water.
2. Cool and strain the solution.
3. Use this decoction as a hair rinse two or three times a week.

2. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil helps eliminate dandruff due to its antifungal properties. It also moisturizes dry scalp and provides relief from itching.
1. Take some coconut oil and mix half the amount of lemon juice in it.
2. Rub it on your scalp and massage for a few minutes.
3. Wash your hair after at least 20 minutes.
4. Follow this remedy two to three times a week.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Scalp treatment with apple cider vinegar is effective in getting rid of dandruff. It restores the pH balance of the scalp, thereby inhibiting the growth of yeast. It also works as a natural hair clarifier and helps clean clogged pores and hair follicles.
1. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
2. Mix an equal amount of water and 15-20 drops of tea tree oil in it.
3. Apply it onto your scalp and massage. Rinse your hair after a few minutes.
4. Follow this natural treatment two or three times a week.

4. Baking Soda
Being a mild exfoliant, baking soda
helps remove dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil . It can also help balance pH levels on the scalp and reduce the growth of fungi that cause dandruff.
1. Wet your hair and rub a handful of baking soda onto your scalp.
2. After a couple of minutes, rinse your hair well with warm water.
3. Repeat once or twice a week for a few weeks.
Note: Do not shampoo your hair after this treatment.

5. White Vinegar
White vinegar is one of the best home treatments for dandruff. Vinegar has acetic acid that prevents growth of fungi on your scalp and relieves itching.
Add one-half cup of vinegar to two cups of water. Rinse your hair with this mixture after shampooing your hair.
Another option is massage your scalp with a mixture of two parts white vinegar, one part olive oil and three parts water. After 10 minutes, rinse it off and shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo.
Follow either of these remedies once or twice a week.

6. Olive Oil
Scalp dryness can be cured with regular use of extra-virgin olive oil, an effective natural moisturizer.
1. Heat some extra virgin olive oil until it is slightly warm.
2. Massage it onto your scalp and then wrap your hair in a warm towel.
3. Leave it on for at least 45 minutes or overnight and then shampoo and condition your hair.
4. Repeat this remedy a few times a week.

7. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has strong antifungal properties, making it a good treatment for dandruff.
Simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo when you wash your hair. Add one drop of this essential oil per ounce of shampoo.
You can also dilute the oil by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Apply it on your hair, leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight and then wash your hair. Do this once or twice a week.

8. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice contains acids that fight the fungi that can cause dandruff. It also helps relieve itching on the scalp .
Mix the juice of half a lemon in one-quarter cup of plain yogurt. Apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off and shampooing your hair.
Alternatively, you can simply massage your scalp with a few teaspoons of lemon juice mixed with a little water. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it out and shampooing your hair.
Repeat either of these remedies a few times a week.

9. Aspirin
Aspirin contains salicylic acid that can help control dandruff by exfoliating your scalp.
Crush two aspirins to a fine powder and mix it with a blob of shampoo. Wash your hair with the mixture, massaging it onto your scalp. Leave it in for a few minutes and then rinse your hair well. If you wish, wash your hair again with normal shampoo to remove the powder completely.
Alternatively, crush three aspirins and dissolve the powder in one tablespoon of vinegar. Massage the mixture into your scalp. Leave it in for half an hour and then wash your hair thoroughly.
Like aspirin, Listerine can also be used to treat dandruff, thanks to its
antifungal properties and alcohol content. Just use Listerine to rinse your hair once a week.

10. Fenugreek Seeds
The herb fenugreek has antifungal and soothing properties that can help control dandruff to a great extent.
1. Soak two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning, grind them into a fine paste. You can also add a few teaspoons of plain yogurt to it.
2. Apply the paste all over your scalp and leave it in for a few hours.
3. Rinse it out and shampoo your hair.
4. Do this once or twice a week.
Remember to be patient when using these natural remedies for dandruff. You’ll need to follow the remedy of your choice consistently for best remethod
 ( if you apply this method)

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