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How To Grow Your Breast Size Naturally Without Surgery...

Three Essential Things To Get Bigger Boobs :
Most women when they start searching how to get bigger breasts don’t know how breasts grow and for this reason they keep on wasting their money on different pills that are nothing more than simple vitamins supplements.

Before taking any action to increase breast size it is important to know that breasts development take place with three things that are:
1. Hormones (they are chemicals in the body)
2. Diet (containing breast-boosting foods)
3. Size of chest muscles (which can be increase with exercises)
Let’s start with hormones that play crucial role in the breast development
Hormones That Are Crucial For Breast Size
Estrogen is also very commonly known as ‘Female Hormone’ as it is responsible for many things in female body including but not limited to pregnancy, menstruation and breast development.
Whenever you search for how to get bigger boobs most websites and so-called experts recommend increasing Estrogen level in the body. Increasing the level of Estrogen in the body is only the half equation of breast development. Basically, body can response to only certain amount of Estrogen and left over estrogen goes to waste.
So, this conclude that having balanced level of estrogen is the key for breast development
Growth Hormone:
Another important hormone that you need for breast development is growth hormone. You may be wondering,
Is this same hormone that we teach in school which increases height?
Yes it is same!! Growth Hormone is not only important for bones or height instead it is important for breast development as well.
Read this:
The more growth hormone is in the body, the more breasts will stimulate growth
There are some men and women who purchase artificial hGH (Human Growth Hormone) pills and injections which I never recommend because these hGH medicines contain side-effects such as visible water retention and ear infection.
Prolactin is another important hormone for breast development. This is because Prolactin hormone increases fat storage inside the breast.
However, body develops Prolactin only two times in the female body when the level of Estrogen is high. One is during puberty and second is pregnancy.
Thankfully there are foods such as soya and yam roots that can reactivate the development of Prolactin hormone. However, you must eat soya and yam in moderation because they contain Estrogen in high amount.
Testosterone is another important hormone for men and women (But NOT for breast development). Testosterone hormone is also known as manly hormone because it is responsible for developing male characteristics in the man’s body including muscle mass, deep voice, more hairs on chest etc.
However, there are some women who try to increase testosterone level in their body because they want to build muscles or want to increase their sex drive.
But when it comes to breast development then you have to try to cut down testosterone because too much amount of testosterone means no breast development.
Thankfully, testosterone and estrogen works against each other. This mean if you increase estrogen the level of testosterone goes down and vice verse.
Herbs That Influence These Hormones:
According to research there are over 500 herbs and plants that contain estrogenic properties. But thankfully you don’t have to purchase all these 500 herbs and plants for breast development. You can increase the development of your breast with the help of just three herbs.
These three herbs are:
1. Red Clove
2. Fenugreek
3. Saw Palmetto
Best Way To Use These Herbs:
If you ever search about how to get bigger breasts then you will always find the name of these herbs because they are powerful and they provide results. There are many online stores that contain supplements of these herbs. However, I don’t recommend them because pills are most ineffective way to stimulate breast growth.
When you take pills from your mouth it goes into stomach and then it benefits reach to different parts. However, in this process most of the benefits left out and can’t able to reach breasts.
This is the reason… I recommend Breast Enlargement Cream
No… Not that breast enlargement creams that are available on the internet. Instead I am talking about creating your own breast enlargement cream at home. Yes, you can create your own breast enlargement cream and it is 300% more effective than commercially available creams.
Jenny Bolton (The creator of Boost Your Bust) has laid out exact step-by-step guidelines that you can use to create your own breast enlargement cream. It is easy and it is far more effective. In Boost Your Bust you will get exact steps that Jenny used to get 2 cup size.
Finally, this article on how to get bigger boobs comes to an end but it is new beginning for you. I want you to give a try to herbs that I mentioned for three or more months and update me with your results. Till then stay tune to this page as I am going to update this article with exercises and foods that increase breast size.

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