Saturday, 9 July 2016


Herbs and spices have always been valued for their use in preservation and flavoring of foods. Many also have medicinal and even magical properties. If you are looking to bring more money and abundance into your life, look no further than your own kitchen.

Traditionally used for seasoning meats and cooked fruits used in pies,
this spice is also known to bring luck, money and healing. When you use it in cooking, send out the intention that you are adding wealth to your life as you add allspice to your meals.
Aside from kitchen use, make a little sachet and fill it with some allspice. Tuck it in your purse or pocket to attract wealth. You can also sprinkle some in the four corners of your home, office or business. It will help bring success to your work.

Often a favorite used in desserts, this little spice packs a punch with its spiritual vibrations. It will not only help you attract success; it is awesome for bringing healing, protection and love. It can even help you enhance your psychic powers. What a great all around spiritual spice!
To unleash its power, you can put a pinch in your food, tea or hot cocoa. It has been said to be good for bringing quick cash. Try putting a pinch in your wallet or your spare change jar. You can also keep a cinnamon stick handy as a reminder. Attach a dollar bill to it and watch your money grow!

Clove is another powerhouse spice that has a variety of spiritual uses. It can enhance love and sexual feelings, while providing protection and clearing negativity. Bringing money is another added bonus!
Some people choose to burn cloves on charcoal, but it’s easier to carry a few around in a sachet or an envelope. If you have the time, you can create a pomander made with cloves. Using straight pins, stick the heads of the cloves and attach them to an orange, covering the surface. Following an old tradition, you can hang the clove covered orange on a ribbon in your kitchen and your cupboards will always be full.

Mentioned in the ancient Hindu Kama Sutra text, ginger is often known for its love enhancing properties. But it also works for attracting wealth, success and power. You can buy it in various forms: fresh, powered, crystalized or even candied.
As with the other spices, you can use the powered form in a sachet or sprinkle it around the house. If you ingest it as part of your food, set an intention that you are bringing wealth into your life while you bring ginger into your body.

Technically an herb and not a spice, mint is just too important to leave off the list. It is readily available in both fresh and dried forms. Mint leaves have a wonderfully energizing fragrance and power. They bring protection and strength so your wealth and investments will always be safe. Their green leaves can also be symbolic of green money. Keep a dried mint leaf or two in your wallet, purse or checkbook.
According to ancient folk magic, rubbing the bills in your wallet with fresh mint leaves will help your money multiply. Try it and visualize more money coming to you every time you spend.

They make bagels and muffins look inviting and delicious, but these little seeds can bring you prosperity too. Carrying a few in your pocket or purse can attract luck and money.
Some folk magic traditions use poppy seeds to cause confusion and delay paperwork. So it’s quite possible that poppy seeds might keep the bill collectors away—at least temporarily!

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