Monday, 18 July 2016

5 celebrities who rose to fame through social media in Nigeria

Frank Donga is a typical example of how celebrities can establish themselves breaking away from the norm and old order of fame ascension.
His comic role with the Ndani Tv Skits “the interview” became an instant hit and spread like wildfire as people happily shared different series amongst themselves.
The Character frank Donga is one of the most hilarious faces in the industry, apart from John Okafor ( Mr Ibu), Frank Donga is perhaps the only other person that can make me laugh hard even without a word. Following his sudden fame status, Donga has continued to excite his numerous fans by posting funny memes and messages on both his facebook and twitter accounts.

Little Emmanuela’s rise to fame in the Nigerian comedy circle, proves that age isn’t a barrier in the new order of celebrity climb, Her “this is not my real face” debut video captured many hearts and immediately left people with eager anticipation of more skits from her.
Ever since her first viral video, the creative lad with the support of her uncle Mark Angel, has consistently served Nigerians rib cracking videos to the delight of many families, both home and abroad. She has even gone ahead to deliver breathtaking stand-up performances at top comedy shows in the country.

I do not know of any other celebrity in Nigeria that is as multi-talented and multi-faceted as Falz the bahd guy, the dude certainly needs no introduction on Nigeria’s entertainment front as he is perhaps the only person that combines all the skills necessary for survival in acting, singing and comedy with his exceptional versatility.
Son of renowned Nigerian Lawyer, Femi Falana, Falz coined his stage name from his surname Falana with the addition of (Bahd) guy an abbreviation for brilliant and highly distinct and he brought his brilliance and rare distinction to the fore with his Instagram Ellobae’s Challenge which quickly attracted massive likes. Falz may have been around in the industry for a while, but there is no denying the fact that leveraging the new media has contributed in no small measure to spreading his fame beyond expectation.
His stories that touch album is gaining massive listenership and his award as best actor in a comedy series at the Africa magic viewer’s choice award amongst other endorsements are undisputable examples of the huge benefits that can be derived from the new culture of fame.

Singing comedian, Kenny black is certainly enjoying much love and attention at the moment and many thinks he will last long. Emerging as the next big thing in Nigeria’s comedy industry, Kenny’s laugh and sing along series drew my attention on first sight, his distinct voice quality and ability to blend into the music and lyrics of artistes both local and international are factors that are keeping the star a force to reckon with.
Kenny has built on the success of his shared videos and has translated that level of brilliance and creativity on the big stages in Nigeria.

From a voice note that went viral on BlackBerry Chioma Omeruah has found fame in the least expected manner, her “Chigul” accent especially has placed her in a world of her own in the Nigerian comedy league .
Her ability to play multiple characters on stage is perhaps the greatest asset for the Nigerian comedienne; she is another product of the new order of fame and is presently enjoying the joy that comes from it.
There are many other examples of others, breaking from the norm and carving a niche for themselves to become respected celebrities, it is our hope that several others will leverage on the new media and harness its huge potential, especially since it has come to stay.

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